Track shutters by Shuttercraft:

  • Bi-fold or by-pass systems

  • Glide smoothly on a track

  • Ideal for room dividers

  • Excellent for patio doors

If you have a larger bedroom or living area, then you will want to make the most of your space. At Shuttercraft, we make light work of helping you choose track shutters to cover windows or divide rooms.

Track Shutters available in two different styles

Track shutters can be fitted to your space in one of two ways. With the by-pass system, panels glide past each other on their own tracks, whilst with the bi-fold, they simply fold out of the way.

Both the bi-fold and by-pass shutters have a smooth movement along the top track that ensures they are easy to use and maintain. At Shuttercraft, we supply only premium, made-to-measure products that will look great in your home for years to come.

Versatile shutters on a track

We fit shutters that help you make the most of your space, letting you use a room for the things you love.

Track systems can be used for separating off en-suite bathrooms. The louvres keep them well ventilated, even when the panels are closed. Likewise, they can also provide stylish ventilation for wardrobes.

By-pass shutters are a very flexible, practical solution that can transform almost any space. They don’t only look good with large windows and doors, they also work brilliantly as stylish room dividers, privacy screens and wardrobe doors.

Bi-fold shutters concertina along their own track system. Hinges are used to fix multiple panels together and, when you want the shutters out of the way, they simply fold back on themselves, making perfect room dividers. They are extremely popular for use with French and patio doors as they are perfect for long runs, and are also ideal for use as privacy screens and wardrobe doors.

Crafted for your space and fitted with care

Made-to-measure plantation shutters don’t just add an air of sophistication to any property, but make the light work for you. Tilt the louvres for better light control, and increased privacy in your home.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look for your home, then you’re guaranteed to find a shutter for you with Shuttercraft. Custom made to match your requirements, and expertly fitted by your local shutter specialist, your home will be transformed in an instant.

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