Room dividers from Shuttercraft:

  • Simple to operate

  • Easily section off your space

  • Great for contemporary designs

  • Ideal for homes and businesses

If you have a stylish open plan home, you’ll probably have thought about the possibility of dividing it from time to time but might not have considered using shutters.

When we think of shutters, we picture them covering windows, being fitted to the inside or the outside of the wall. But we know that every home is different, and they are also perfect for use as room dividers.

A flexible way to transform your home, room dividers give you the choice to use your space for the things you love. Less permanent than a wall, and not as solid as a door, shutters can be left open or closed as you choose.

We care about your home almost as much as you do, which is why we’re trusted people all over the UK to provide expert, friendly advice. We’ll do the hard work in fitting your made-to-measure room dividers, so all have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Shutters are ideal as dividers if you have a larger room

If your bedroom has a stylish en-suite bathroom, you’ll want a premium solution for both style and easy access. Unlike a solid panel door, room divider shutters can fold out of the way on a track, also making them ideal for walk-in wardrobes.

Open plan kitchen and dining areas are popular among architects, but we know that a home’s original design may not be to your tastes. Shutters can help you make the most of the space for your needs, opening or closing as required for family activities or dinner parties.

Premium products made just for your space

At Shuttercraft, we know that every property is unique, which is why we only supply made-to-measure products. Room dividers fitted by your local Shuttercraft can be colour matched to your interiors, and are crafted exactly to size. We are proud to fit room dividers made from sustainable premium hardwoods. Being light weight, you won’t need bulky additional structures for your new room dividers.

We believe in making light work of transforming your home, fitting made-to-measure products crafted just for you. We don’t use hard selling techniques, but work with you to make sure you’re entirely happy with your products.

Why not contact Shuttercraft today, and book an appointment to discover how room divider doors could look in your home or business.

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