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If you’re considering adding some defining features to your living space, bay window shutters could be the solution for you. Whichever part of Kings Lynn you live in, you can transform the look and feel of your property, just by choosing a new window covering. Opening out your rooms, and making the most of the space, bay windows are a visually striking and popular part of many homes in the area.

Shutters, otherwise known as shutter blinds, are a stylish way to finish them off, and at Shuttercraft Norwich, we are here to help you find something to suit your tastes. Shutters for bay windows are also an excellent investment, being the only window covering that are in fact appraised into the value of your home. Producing a defining visual, they have a rich natural appearance, suiting both traditional and modern styles alike.

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What is different about picking shutters for bay windows?

Have you noticed just how tricky bays can be? Furnishing them can sometimes be a challenge, especially when searching for the right window treatment to fit the shape exactly, whether a square, curve or somewhere in between. As a made-to-measure option, shutters are crafted to fit the unique angles of each individual bay.

By comparison, bay window blinds can experience some issues with light bleed around the sides of the blind. With solutions such as fabric or Venetian blinds, they also rely on having separate sides of the bay, which may not work with certain window configurations. Another reason why shutters work so well in bay windows is that there are no rails. Curtains therefore are not an ideal choice for bays, as they can often get stuck on the rails, and will no doubt have a degree of light bleed where the rails move away from the windows themselves.

What about different shapes and sizes of bay?

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Not sure which window covering is right for your home? As we fit only made-to-measure window coverings, we can offer a variety of choices, regardless of the shape or size of the opening.

There are a number of options available if you are considering shutters for a square bay window. A diverse selection of materials, colours and finishes means that you can choose the square bay window shutters to complement your existing décor. Popular in terraced houses from the Victorian era, the splay bay window features angled corners that unlike square bays are not set at 90*. These home features often resemble the shape of half a hexagon, fixed to the front of the property, and are perfectly suited to either full height or café style.

Shutters for curved bay windows are also possible, but the choices available may be limited due to restrictions of fixing surface or surrounding area. It is therefore worth speaking to shutter specialists such as Shuttercraft about the options for your home.

Free Home Survey

Book a free, no obligation home appointment to discuss your options and we’ll provide a competitive quote for your consideration.

How do shutters help promote energy efficiency?

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Installing shutters adds a layer to your bay windows, increasing the level of insulation in your home. This helps to maintain the temperature inside influenced by exterior temperature changes caused by seasonal variations. This extra insulation helps make your home be more energy efficient, and can lead to a reduction on your heating bills.

As opposed to aluminium, plastic, or other kinds of composites, the bay window coverings we fit are premium quality MDF and hardwood. The wood used in the Sumatra and Fiji ranges is the only material for shutters that comes from a completely renewable source. Among our customers, wood remains one of the most popular sources for a bay shutter. Compared with blinds, hardwood shutters provide a number of additional benefits, which you can discover with your local Shuttercraft expert.

What are the next steps you can take?

To get the best shutter to suit your bay window, why not contact Shuttercraft Norwich today. You can book a free home consultation, with no need to purchase, for a detailed survey of your bay windows as well as making good use of our knowledgeable design advice and experience.

We only fit S:CRAFT products, crafted to the highest standards, so you can be confident of finding a style you’ll love for years to come.
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Free Home Survey

Book a free, no obligation home appointment to discuss your options and we’ll provide a competitive quote for your consideration.

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